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When You Join At "MONTHLY" You Will Get These AMAZING BONUSES

These bonuses will help you build your business or might just help you enjoy your life a little bit more than you already are!

Vacation Stay

I will cover your vacation stay at one of many destinations around the world.  This covers the hotel while you will need to cover taxes/fees, transport, entertainment and food etc.

The $2 Dollar Secret 

This is a physical book Dave published and it shares the biggest secret that the gurus and big businesses use to get customers back for repeat sales over and over again.

Email Marketing

This is a set of 150 MLM/Business email you can edit and use to your liking for your follow up emails with your leads.


You gain access to me as your coach through text, email and social media to help you onboard and learn the program and system.

When You Join At the ANNUAL You Will ALSO Get These AMAZING BONUSES

Go Pro by Eric Worre!

This set contains THREE CD's/Audio from Eric Worre on how to build your business and get more leads/customers in the process

Buiding Your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn

This is a classic presentation from one of the best business minds out there in building a network.  This is a physical CD audio

How to Collect Your Bonuses

IMPORTANT: How to Claim Your BONUS!

This bonus is available for a limited time only and this page may be removed anytime without notice. Join The BEST NEW MLM NOW, from the button or link below to claim our BONUS!

Once you click the order button you will see the Company Invite Tour order page, be sure the top bar says 'Welcome to Dave Gardner's Website' displayed at the top of that page:

If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase, so that you can be SURE to get your BONUS, then we suggest you empty your browser cache, close all your web browser windows, then click on the link to our bonus page again, then click on the Best New MLM links above or below.

Important! All bonus claims will be manually verified and you will not be sent your bonus if you did not follow these instructions.

In order to claim your bonuses, please send your New username to: with 'Best New MLM Bonus' in the subject.

Remember, this bonus is for a very limited time only, they may be removed at any time!

Once we have verified your purchase, we will reply to your email with everything you need to do to access those bonuses.

Note: all Physical bonuses will not be mailed out until after the guarantee period to protect from cancellations/refunds.

When Can You Expect Your Bonuses?

As with many online programs there are lag times between affiliate commissions shown and actually paid out against cancellations/refunds and thus:

Digital Bonuses will be delivered ASAP when communicaiton has been established to verify purchase.

Some digital bonuses will be dripped out over time as needed.

Physical Products will NOT be mailed out until after the 30 day guarantee period to protect myself of refunds etc..

Coaching through text/email/social media may occur as needed